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Teachers:  You can develop a class Website!

The Internet is opening up new educational opportunities.  Most teachers are aware of the vast array of resources available on the Internet. Many have used the Internet as a supplement for study content. Now, it is time to take the next step and provide your own online resources for your classes.  This site will provide information to help teachers develop their own online presence without the need for HTML programming skills, and without spending any money for web-site development and design or for web-site hosting.

This site will be used to provide examples of the use of web-sites in an instructional setting. The Web Construction workshop will provide information to help the teacher develop a web-site of her own.  

The web construction workshop will be based on the premise that the participant is familiar with the use of the internet, but she has had no previous experience with web-site development.  

The web construction workshop will allow you to progress from an introductory level, to the point where you will be able to develop a basic site for your own classes.

Click on the link to the Web Construction Workshop at the left to get started!

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