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Frequently Asked Questions will be compiled on this page from post-seminar responses.
How to download the Trellix software and get started :

The Trellix 2 software is a web development software that is very user friendly.  This software is available for purchase in a version that will work for any web host.  A free version is available to use for publishing your web site to, which is a free web site host.

First, proceed to the following site and download the Tripod version of Trellix2:

Click on download

Unzip into  \program files\trellix2

The Trellix2 setup may prompt you to go to to register as a user. There is no charge for this, and it may be necessary in order to access the updates, such as the following. It will also allow you to subscribe to the Trellix newsletter, which will include useful information about updates, etc.

Some additional updated designs are available at this site:

download into the same directory as the Trellix2 program & unzip:




Enter the web site by clicking on the graphic of a  hand.
Click on the tab entitled "Support"
Scroll to the bottom of the page and find "What's new in Trellix support".
Click on the "Trellix web guided tour downloading"
Proceed to download GuidedTour2.exe into the same directory as the Trellix2 program, and unzip it.

Next, you will want to set up a subdirectory, or folder, to store your web site. For this workshop, please use a directory called "a web teach"

You can go to the Windows  Start button first.
          Windows Explorer
          Set your cursor on C drive
          Click on File
          Click on New
          Click on Folder
          Name the new Folder "a web teach"

As you develop your new web site, be sure to store it in this folder.  If you are working on a classroom computer, when you have completed your work, you will want to move the contents of this folder to a floppy disk and take it with you. Be sure that after you have saved your work to a floppy disk, you delete it from the folder on C drive, so no one else will have access to your site or your password, etc.
Message board access for this class's discussions:

coming soon!

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